When you see it for the first time, your head will turn 180 degrees…

The Onewheel Pint is what I want to talk about.

When you first look at it, it seems to go against the laws of physics. How the hell does that thing stay in balance with just one wheel?

We don’t know much either… And, really, who cares? We’re here to talk about the Pint and how cool it is, not the physics behind it.

Let’s get started!

How it works and what it has

Onewheel says the following about the Pint’s performance:

  • Top Speed: 16 mph
  • Range: 6-8 miles
  • Hill Climb Rate: 20-25%
  • Motor: 750W Hypercore Brushless

Even though they aren’t the best glasses you’ve ever seen, they’re not the worst either. And to be honest, this board wasn’t made to do well…

If you want more speed, range, and power, you should buy the XR, which has much better speed and range.

The Pint is 23 pounds and 27 inches long, which makes it small, easy to carry, and simple to store.

What We Like
The Things You Need

Surprisingly, the extra gadgets and gizmos that come with this bad boy are incredibly useful, unlike other companies that just want to sell you more junk.

You can buy them separately, or you can save money by buying them as part of a package deal. No matter what, these accessories are worth the money and make your board look better and more like you.

Here are some accessories that we really like.

$70 for Maghandle Pro

I’ve always talked about how bad it is when you can no longer ride your electric skateboard. Whether your battery dies or you hit some crazy terrain or obstacles that make it impossible to get through. Most people have to haul their big, heavy e-boards around by the trunks. But if you have the Maghandle, it’s a joke to carry your Onewheel Pint around… I mean, really, it’s like giving your electric skateboard its own little briefcase. To pick up the Pint, just pull the handle out from inside the wheel frame. When you’re ready to ride again, just set the Pint on the ground and the handle will snap back into place. It’s very quiet and won’t bother you at all on your ride.

Fender – $75 (Pint Version)

Want to make your Pint a little more stylish and keep it safe? Add this easy-to-install wheel guard to protect your wheel. Their website says that the fender helps keep your board in great shape. If you don’t want it for any ride or reason, it only takes a minute to take it off. 14 colors to choose from!

Bumpers – $45 (Pint Version)

Last but not least, we have the bumpers. These will help protect your Pint from things like walls, people, trees, and anything else you might ride into. I don’t crash into things very often, but this little piece of protection can help a lot! The bumpers are made of and also come in 14 different colors.

The Handle

Remote controls are a pain!

They are small, easy to lose, and not the best way to control something. If you’ve ever ridden an e-board with a remote, you know that the board will jerk if you even slightly rush the controls on the remote (speed up too fast or brake too hard).

This can also be dangerous and make you lose your balance.

Onewheel decided to stop using remotes because they are so annoying. The board is much easier and more useful to control.

Lean forward to move forward or speed up, and lean back to stop or slow down. If you want to turn, all you have to do is lean from side to side. Not only do these controls make movement and control better, but they also make the game more fun.

It’s very quick and easy to move through traffic or around other obstacles. That can’t be said about other regular e-boards, which have trouble making hard right turns…

The Range Gets Through

Onewheel says that the Pint can go between 6 and 8 miles before it needs a charge.

I wasn’t too excited when I read this, maybe because most riders are used to boards that can go at least 12 miles per charge. 6 miles just doesn’t seem enough!

One YouTuber, though, says he got 14 miles out of one charge. (Even though he said he never had to deal with real hills or headwinds.)

We found that the Pint could go about 9 miles on a single charge before it died on us (with a 185-pound rider). So, even though Onewheel says the board can only go 6–8 miles, it can actually go a little further…

Other videos on YouTube have shown the same thing. Many riders get 9 to 11 miles of riding out of the Pint before it stops working.

The Program

Onewheel has an app that can do everything, just like other major e-board brands.

You’ll find out things like:

  • Speed
  • Top Speed Traveled
  • Battery Level
  • Distance Traveled
  • Nearby Riders
  • Leaderboards
  • Other Ride Details

But “Digital Shaping,” a feature of the app that lets you change the way you ride, might be the coolest thing about it.

You can change your Pint’s ride mode in the same way that many cars can switch between Sport, Econ, All-Terrain, Hybrid, etc.

Different ride modes will change your top speed, range, ability to turn, ability to climb hills, smoothness, and a lot more!

Digital Shaping can really make your riding experience better, and you should try them all if you can.

Lights Already Put In

Almost no electric skateboards already have lights built into the deck or board. If you want lights, you have to choose from a very small number of options…

But you’re in luck if you decide to buy a Onewheel!

Both the Pint and the XR have headlights and taillights that can be turned on and off easily with the Onewheel app. The lights not only make you more visible to other people, but they also light up the ground in front of you, making you safer.

Riding at night is dangerous. I was riding once and almost got hit by a police car… This shows how hard it can be to see a person walking on an e-board.

The fact that Onewheel put lights on their boards will help keep you safe and keep you from having to spend more money.


This board is very quick. This thing is only 3 pounds lighter than the XR, but it makes a big difference when you ride.

It’s fast, easy, and gives you a lot more freedom.

I’ll compare it to the difference between driving a big SUV and a small, light coupe.

The XR is faster, but the Pint is easier to turn, squeeze through traffic, and ride through the dangerous streets of any city.

Its agile riding style makes it a great companion for the XR!

Ability to go anywhere

I’ve always loved one thing about Onewheel…

The freedom to ride everywhere!

Most electric skateboards have four wheels made of strong plastic, but the Pint only has one HUGE rubber wheel that can handle almost anything.

Think of it like comparing a Porsche with street racing tires to a Jeep with off-road tires. The Jeep can go wherever it wants, but the Porsche can only go on the road.

With a 10.5-inch Pint wheel, you can easily ride over sticks, rocks, gravel, potholes, bumps, and more.

But what’s the point?

This board is easy to take off-roading on dirt roads or forest paths. But if you really want to go off-road, you should think about buying the XR. It has a bigger wheel and frame, which makes it more stable and useful for riding on any surface.

This is a big win for Onewheel.

Some e-board companies make “all-terrain boards” or “boards with all-terrain wheels.”

But none of them perform or look as good as the Pint or the XR.


Say whatever you like… $950 isn’t as bad as you think, though.

Yes, I know you’ll probably have to save up, but the price is much more reasonable. I mean, the XR costs almost twice as much!

Many people want Onewheel, but the XR is too expensive for them… Now that the Pint is out, people have a choice.

Even though $950 is still a lot of money, it’s the right price. Only 3 mph slower than the XR, the Pint has about half the range and costs about half as much.

And if you buy these highly recommended accessories as part of a bundle, you’ll save a lot of money.

The best part is that you can pay for the board over time if you really can’t pay the $950 all at once. There are ways to pay for both the Pint and the XR through Onewheel.

The Pint can be paid for over 18 months for as little as $52 a month.

If you want a Pint but don’t have $950, I’m sure you could come up with $52 every month. Just know that you might have to pay a little bit of interest and taxes when you pay off the board.

Different Bundles

When you buy the Pint, you can choose from three different sets. Don’t forget that you don’t have to buy a bundle—you can just buy the board on its own (the bundle just comes with discounted accessories).

Essentials Bundle – $995

  • Pint
  • Fender
  • Can be financed for $55 a month for 18 months

The Essentials is the cheapest bundle, but it only comes with one accessory, the fender. Even though it seems silly, buying this bundle instead of the board and fender separately will save you $30, so it’s worth it if you really want that fender!

Ride More Bundle – $1,045

  • Pint
  • Fender
  • Bumper
  • Guard Rails
  • Can be financed for $58 a month for 18 months

We’re going to talk now. Some more things that will really make your Pint better. With the fender, bumper, and guard rails, your board will not only look better, but it will also be much safer. You save $50 worth of accessories.

Ultimate Bundle – $1,200

  • Pint
  • Fender
  • Bumper
  • Guard Rails
  • Ultracharger
  • Maghandle Pro
  • Finacing as low as $67 a month for 18 months

And last but not least, the bundle that costs the most. The Ultimate Bundle comes with everything from the Ride More Bundle, plus an Ultracharger (which lets you charge your battery very quickly) and a Maghandle Pro (a handle that attaches to your board for super easy carrying). Overall, it’s the most expensive, but it’s also the best deal because it saves you $67 on accessories. If you want to buy accessories like I do, you can save money by buying this bundle.

What We Don’t Like
Taking on Weight

Now, I know I said I liked it because it felt so light when riding… But now I’m going to talk about when you have to carry it…

This board is surprisingly heavy for how small and compact it is…

It weighs 23 pounds, which is a lot!

It’s not much lighter than the 26-pound Onewheel+ XR, which is its bigger brother.

Even electric longboards with a width of 38 inches, like the Boosted Plus and Boosted Stealth, weigh only 17 pounds.

The Evolve Carbon GTR, which only weighs 21.5 pounds, is the same way. (Here I was thinking that board was heavy…)

Now, weight isn’t a problem at all if you don’t have to carry the board, but when you do, it’s a real pain in the rear… That’s why you should definitely buy the Maghandle Pro so you can carry the Pint around like a briefcase and take some of the weight off of those 23 pounds.

Top Speed

If I could change one thing about the board, it would be the maximum speed.

It just needs a little more juice.

The board has an automatic “pushback” feature that kicks in when the rider goes too fast. Basically, it’s almost like having your car automatically slow down. This is a great safety feature that will help keep you from crashing into the street in front of you, but it will only work between 15 and 16 mph.

That’s not fast enough. Maybe it’s because I’ve been on faster boards before, but I’d like a little more kick.

This board is for people who ride in the city and need to move quickly and easily, which makes sense, but a little more speed never hurts the inner kid in me…

Final Verdict

Do you want to buy the Pint?


Its unique way of riding will make it stand out from almost all other electric skateboards… Honestly, it’s not even a real electric skateboard! It’s a strange, magical hoverboard with only one wheel!

If you’ve never ridden the Pint, you won’t be disappointed by how awesome it is. It’s a lot of fun and very useful.

You can’t go wrong because it’s easy to learn and very safe to use. You can finance it if you have to, but it’s worth it to buy!

And at $950, it’s a pretty good deal when you look at how much other similar products cost and how well they work.