Can jumping on a trampoline help you lose weight?

Trampolining is simple, accessible, and enjoyable, but can you lose weight by trampolining? The reply is an emphatic YES. Numerous individuals utilize trampolines for both health and entertainment. Trampoline jumping should be the most efficient means of weight loss.

In yoga centers and Jammu, little trampolines are utilized to drop excess weight. Trampolining has been demonstrated to be an effective, simple, and quick method of weight loss.

Mini trampoline workout cannot measure your weight because weight fluctuates from person to person. Rebounding can facilitate calorie loss as part of a weight loss program.

Trampoline exercises can be performed at home or in a trampoline fitness class. To maximize weight loss, exercise and calorie restriction should be combined.

Regular use of a fitness trampoline provides numerous health benefits, including weight loss. For instance:

  • It increases calorie expenditure
  • It enhances detoxifying
  • Enhances nervous system development
  • Boosts immunity

Can jumping on a trampoline help you lose weight?

To lose weight, it is optimal to establish a calorie deficit, thus you must exercise and change your food consumption and physical activity. The Department of Health and Human Services advises a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of severe aerobic activity each week if you choose to engage in aerobic exercise, such as trampoline jumping.

To reduce weight, you should exercise moderately for 300 minutes every week. According to the recommendations, physical activity should be spread out throughout the week and should last at least 10 minutes.

You can lose weight by jumping on a trampoline, and with the proper time and dedication, you can also eliminate abdominal fat with trampoline exercises.

Start by consuming fewer calories

Dietary recommendations recommend taking fewer calories than expended. The energy balance influences whether or not an individual gains or loses weight. It is feasible to lose weight if, through activity and calorie restriction, you burn more calories than you ingest.

The average amount of calories lost per pound each week is 3,500. One pound each week is equivalent to losing 500 calories per day.

Rebounding or jumping on a trampoline will not help you lose weight if you consume more calories than you burn. To reduce weight, it would be helpful if you also altered your diet.

Diet is essential for weight loss, but it can be difficult to know how many calories you should consume daily. This can be accomplished with a calorie calculator and tracker. The first step towards trampoline weight loss is dieting. Now is the time to exercise.

Which trampoline is the best for weight loss?

There are various varieties of trampolines available. Common uses for the small trampoline, often known as a rebounder, include weight loss and fitness. The little trampolines resemble the enormous trampolines you’ve seen children bounce on, but they can only fit a single individual. According to a study published by the American Council on Exercise in October 2016, rebounding is a low-intensity muscle-strengthening activity. Even while trampolining expends less energy than running, it is nevertheless more effective. Moreover, the researchers discovered that the exercise enhanced both local awareness and balance. American Council on Activity research indicates that trampoline exercise burns an average of 12.4 calories per minute for males and 9.6 calories per minute for women. In 60 minutes of trampoline jumping, it is possible to burn between 564 and 744 calories.

In a research published in November 1980 by the Journal of Applied Physiology: Respiratory, Environmental, and Exercise Physiology, rebounding was found to be 68% more effective than running. According to study, an hour of rebounding burns more calories than an hour of running.

Safely shed pounds

For any activity, posture and safety are of the utmost importance. The use of a huge trampoline is hazardous. Due to the thousands of trampoline-related injuries recorded annually, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) discourages children from using recreational trampolines.

According to the AAP, adults cannot use rebounders as workout equipment. Mini trampolines are equipped with numerous safety measures, including handrails for added stability and injury prevention. Despite claims to the contrary, rebounders are not designed for youngsters.

Follow the directions of your exercise instructor when rebounding. When bouncing at home on a mini trampoline, you should carefully study the owner’s instructions.

Rebounding might be an excellent method for losing weight gradually. In addition to being easy on the joints and bones, rebounding provides additional health benefits. Dietary calorie restriction and regular physical activity will optimize weight loss.

Alter your pace

During a trampoline activity, the fitness levels of 24 college students were assessed. Men burned 11 calories per minute compared to women’s 8.3 calories per minute. For weight loss or maintenance, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends burning 200 to 300 calories per 30 minutes of exercise, or 6.7 to 10 calories per minute.

Compared to a 19-minute, full-body trampoline workout, jogging six miles at six miles per hour or cycling fourteen miles at fourteen miles per hour demand more energy.

Be careful, jumpers

According to the American Council on Exercise Study, jumping on a trampoline is a fun way to exercise and maintain fitness. Nonetheless, the American Academy of Pediatrics warned about the dangers of trampoline jumping.

A 2016 study found that jumping on a trampoline poses considerable dangers, particularly for children who can sustain injuries such as sprains and fractures. By taking the necessary precautions and employing prevention strategies, it is feasible to lower the risk of harm.

What are some other advantages of trampolining?

In addition to weight loss, trampoline jumping has numerous more advantages. According to, these are the advantages:

Balance: Additionally, exercise can enhance balance in the inner ear and certain muscles, particularly in elderly persons.

Adding the stress-relieving benefits of exercise to the enjoyment of trampoline jumping is a prescription for boosting mental health.

Trampolining puts less pressure on the joints, therefore it’s beneficial for your bones and also helps you lose weight.

Is it healthy to lose weight by jumping on a trampoline?

Trampolines can provide health benefits. It makes no difference whether or not you are trying to lose weight. Trampolining provides a number of health benefits.

Trampolines can be an effective and simple means of weight loss. You’d be surprised at how many calories you can burn by sprinting on a trampoline for 20 minutes at 10 kilometers per hour.

When you burn more calories, your body obtains energy from fat. Effective trampoline use will aid with weight loss. You will also strengthen your immune system and purify your body. Before I conclude, I will share additional details.

In addition to gaining strength and balance, you enhance your blood circulation. Trampolining can be used to maintain fitness and reduce weight.

Numerous individuals select trampolining for weight loss for a specific reason. However, it is not as simple as it seems. It can also be utilized at home as opposed to a gym or yoga studio. It can be utilized at home as opposed to a gym or yoga studio.

Trampoline workouts are excellent for weight loss.

Trampoline jumping will not help you lose weight. Ensure that the area of your body containing the most fat is compressed. How do you achieve this?

As you likely already know, the tiny trampoline may be utilized for a variety of activities. Numerous of them are inappropriate for weight loss. Here are some weight loss activities that may be performed on a trampoline.


To burn excess fat, you might incorporate twisting into your everyday exercise program. It is a common but efficient exercise. In addition, daily trampoline twisting helps improve your core, back, and upper body.

Beginning with a single twist, the entire body is connected to the legs and the head. While bouncing on a trampoline, your torso must move to the left and right, and your legs must bend in opposite directions.

Jumping jacks

On a mini-trampoline, performing jumping jacks is the most effective approach to burn belly fat and tone muscles. Overall, it raises metabolism, stimulates lymphatic circulation, improves motor abilities, strengthens muscles and cardio, and stimulates lymphatic circulation.

Stretch your arms out while maintaining a straight posture. Place your hands as high as possible above your head. Continue to do so for several minutes.

Soft jump

You can begin your training regimen with gentle mini-trampoline jumps. In addition to helping you burn calories, exercise will assist you combat back pain and joint issues.

The steady oscillation should continue for several minutes. Ensure that your cover is snug and that your chin is aligned in this location.

Hops from front to back or side to side

The most effective method of weight loss is jumping and bouncing on a mini-trampoline. However, hops are identical to front-to-back and side-to-side movement. Only keeping your legs together is required.

Left followed by right. You can perform front-to-back hops by jumping from your front to your back. Be careful not to step on the trampoline’s springs and tumble off.

Maximum leap

Max will assist you in losing weight through a quick trampoline workout. You must jump as high as possible on your trampoline and begin to bounce.

As you fall in quarter squats, maintain your feet floating on the trampoline. After 10 to 12 sets of maximal jumps, take 15 to 30 seconds of rest.

Therefore, the aforementioned trampoline workouts are the most effective for fat burning. You may also perform additional exercises, but you must guarantee that your fat areas are squeezed.

How does trampoline jumping aid in weight loss?

When you use a standard fitness trampoline for weight loss, your body will undergo numerous modifications. These alterations are brought on by the trampoline’s effects. Let’s examine their nature.

Eliminates toxins from the body

Regular exercise on a trampoline or jumping platform may appear to be limited to fat loss. This is not the case. This appears to have a substantial effect on the oxidation process within the body. Lymphatic circulation differs from the pumping function of the heart since it relies on gravity and muscular contractions.

As soon as you begin to perspire when jumping on a trampoline, your body eliminates all toxins. While bouncing on a trampoline, lymphatic fluid travels upward. Moreover, vertical movements are advantageous for the body’s function and detoxification.

Beneficial to the nervous system

Rhythmic upward and downward movements facilitate a stronger connection between the body and mind than any other form of training. However, rebounding activities also increase the body’s oxygen circulation. This strengthens neuronal connections between the left and right sides of the brain.

Additionally, movement in all directions, including up and down, increases mental activity. As you concentrate on a single location for a few minutes or seconds, your athletic and other performance improves dramatically. It also aids in relaxation and anxiety reduction.

Enhance your immunity

The lymphatic system is an integral component of our immune system. The lymphatic system combats pathogens and other disorders. Exercises on a trampoline that enhance lymphatic flow accelerate it by a factor of 15. The lymphatic valves are simultaneously opening and closing.

Rebounding exercise strengthens the immune system and eliminates undesirable chemicals from the body. In addition to combating infections, white blood cells retard the aging process. Your muscles contract and oxygen is distributed throughout your body, allowing you to eliminate pollutants and feel at ease.

In addition to these benefits, regular trampoline jumping can aid with blood circulation and balance concerns.


You can lose weight by jumping on a trampoline, but to utilize it efficiently, you must determine how long you should use it each day. To maximize your weight loss, you must exercise daily for 30 to 40 minutes. Additionally, you should take one or two days off per week.

Ensure that you use your trampoline correctly by adhering to the tips I’ve already provided throughout the article’s many sections. Within a few days, you will hopefully begin to see benefits. I appreciate your patience. Continue observing and bouncing.

Can a microwave be replaced by an air fryer? You Might Be Amazed

The air fryer is a popular kitchen tool that is becoming more and more popular. If you like the food this machine makes, you may be wondering, “Can an air fryer replace a microwave?”

The two appliances are used for different things. In most cases, a fryer can’t take the place of a microwave. Why, then, can’t an air fryer replace a microwave?

Can a microwave be replaced by an air fryer?

No, that’s not right. Air fryers can’t really take the place of a microwave. The fryer or countertop convection oven may be able to do the work of a regular oven, but it can’t do the work of a microwave.

Even though they do the same things, this fryer can’t keep up with how fast a microwave oven works. It’s also important to remember that you shouldn’t boil liquids in a countertop convection oven.

So, the fryer is a good option if you don’t mind heating up liquids or giving yourself more time to cook your food.

Which is better: an air fryer or a microwave?

Before we come to a conclusion, let’s look at how they work.

What does a microwave do?

Microwaves work by heating up the water molecules in the thing you’re heating. They move the particles around and give them enough energy to heat the food when they touch.

Most of the time, people use microwaves to heat up food. When making a dish from scratch, you can cook some of the ingredients in a microwave.

Any way you look at it, a microwave is a very useful appliance. It is mostly a useful tool.

How does a convection oven that fits on a countertop work?

On the other hand, the fryers are a whole different story. There is no need for a microwave for them to work. They use a heated circuit and a fan instead to get the results they want.

Depending on the type, the heating circuit is usually at the bottom of a countertop convection oven and a fan is on top.

The meat will be fried because the coil will get very hot. With this method, it will be able to make hot air.

The fan moves the hot air around in a small room. As some have said, the Maillard reaction happens when hot air is forced into food.

Because you’re cutting back on the sugars and proteins in the food, it will start to turn brown. As a result, a crust forms on the food.

Putting everything together

We now know what each piece of equipment is for. Microwaves are the easiest way to cook and reheat food on occasion.

On the other hand, these fryers are useful tools that are more likely to replace a regular or convection model. Because of this, the explanation is up to each person.

If you don’t need to heat things up quickly, you can skip the microwave and use a convection oven instead. If not, it would be better to have both of these useful devices.

This video will help you understand better.

Which One Is Better?

Air Fryer Microwave
Cooking Method Convection heating Vibrating water within the food
Design Different chambers and compartments One chamber or compartment
Power Consumption 1200-1500 watt 1200 watt
Health Cooking Method Yes Yes
Food Taste Dry outside Tasteless

It might be hard to decide between the two kitchen tools. You might want to know if a countertop convection oven lives up to what it says it can do. Do you like it more than a microwave? No, that’s not true.

We’ve already said that these fryers are not like microwaves. They cook their food by blowing hot air on it.

Both appliances can also do things that the other may not be able to. When it comes to how long it takes to cook, a countertop convection oven beats a regular oven.

When it comes to using a microwave, if you are in a hurry, a microwave will help you a lot. Still, they both do different things. So neither one is better than the other.

Can I use an air fryer to re-heat food?

Of course, you can heat up food in a convection oven that sits on your counter. It’s easy to do and much better than using the microwave.

When you heat these foods in a countertop convection oven, they never get soggy. If you know how to use a fryer to reheat food, it will be perfectly cooked and full of flavor.

Your family may think you were working hard to make a new dinner for them.

Can paper go into an air fryer?

There are times when it’s fine to use paper towels, and times when it’s not.

So, even though it’s not recommended, you should think about your options and decide if you really want to use paper in a countertop convection oven or not.

Also, it’s not a great idea to put a stack of paper towels under your meal to keep the marinade from touching the countertop convection oven’s surface.

We don’t recommend putting a paper towel in it because it can block the flow of air inside the countertop convection oven, which can mess up the cooking process. The paper towel can also catch fire, which is even worse.

Can aluminum foil be used in an air fryer?

Yes, you can do so. Any fryer might be able to handle aluminum foil. But it depends on what kind and model you are making.

Before using aluminum foil in a countertop convection oven, make sure to check the owner’s manual for the model for specific instructions.


You may see why the answer to the question “Can an air fryer replace a microwave?” is no. Each device can be used in a different way to meet different needs.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this. We appreciate you reading!

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16GB Vs 32GB RAM- Everything In Details

Everything You Need to Know About 16GB vs 32GB RAM

Both 16GB and 32GB ram have long been the industry leaders among all accessible ram storage options. And are you unsure what the difference between 16GB and 32GB RAM is? The fundamental distinction between these two is in terms of space. A 32GB ram system provides twice the memory capacity for loading software, apps, and browser tabs when compared to a 16GB ram system.

You must delve into the details to learn more. Today, we’ve included all of the information on 16gb vs 32gb ram comparison , as well as the differences between the two rams in areas such as video editing, gaming, and more! 

  • The Difference Between 16 and 32 Gigabytes of RAM:

If you only use your computer to play games, you won’t notice the difference between 16GB and 32GB RAM. Because the changes between 16GB and 32GB RAM are minor. Still, certain distinctions will be significant, including:

RAM movie editing is significantly easier with 32GB RAM than it is with 16GB RAM. Furthermore, if you have 32GB RAM, you will receive considerably better results and will be able to deal with high-resolution video.

The better the service, the more RAM you have. With 32GB RAM, you’ll be able to work or play faster and more smoothly than with 16GB RAM.

A 32GB RAM module is pricey, whereas a 16GB module is affordable.

For gaming, 16GB RAM will suffice. For video editing, however, 32GB RAM is sufficient.

Is 32GB of RAM Really Worth It?

We all know how much we enjoy working with extra RAM because it enhances our experience. At present time, 32GB RAM is not only enjoyable, but also sufficient for blowing our heads with its most impressive features and qualifications. There are very few people who recommend 32GB RAM.

If you want to work with video cards, large files, and a faster framerate, upgrading to 32GB RAM will make a significant difference. Because it has no negative consequences and will greatly simplify your tasks.

Although 32GB RAM is costly, it is well worth the investment. Because it provides you with all of the things you require and desires while also becoming a long-term companion. So investing in 32GB RAM will never be a waste of money.

What Is the Difference Between 16GB and 32GB Memory for Video Editing?

When editing a video, the more RAM you have, the better the film will be, because the primary function of RAM in video editing is to hold preview files for playing. Increasing the video resolution necessitates an increase in RAM requirements. So, if we offer a quick answer to this topic, we can say that 32GB of RAM is better for large films.

Furthermore, if you do not want to run out of capacity rapidly, a 32GB ram is required. Smaller ram storage, on the other hand, may not be ideal for video playback. Your video editing software will function smoothly with 32GB RAM. If you do so with 16GB RAM, on the other hand, the service will take longer. Although the resolution of your footage may determine how much RAM you want, editing with 32GB is usually beneficial.

For videos that are 10890-4k 8bit, 16GB RAM will suffice. However, if you want to edit a video that is higher than 1080p, you will need more than 16GB of RAM. 32 GB of RAM is required. Heavy video projects will be possible with 32GB RAM.

Which Is Better: 16GB or 32GB RAM for Gaming?

The ideal option for most gamers is 16 GB of RAM. For today’s most recent games, 16GB RAM will suffice. Furthermore, 16GB RAM is extremely reasonably priced. On a modest budget, people may receive all of the important features. That is why 16GB RAM is so popular among gamers.

16GB RAM is sufficient for a high-quality and powerful gaming experience. With 16GB RAM, you’ll be able to play the most recent and updated versions of games. However, the gaming power of 32GB RAM will truly blow your mind.

While 16GB RAM is the sweet spot for many gamers, 32GB RAM reigns supreme. For a gamer, 32GB RAM will provide numerous benefits. However, when comparing 32GB RAM to 16GB RAM, the 32GB RAM is more expensive. After weighing all of the options and specifications, we can conclude that 16GB RAM is the best option for gamers, however 32GB RAM offers more options.

Despite the fact that 32GB RAM is ideal for Photoshop, 16GB RAM is equally adequate. With 16GB RAM, you can gain valuable expertise in this profession. However, you should upgrade to 32GB RAM for the best experience.

  • 16GB of RAM Required

People generally recommend at least 4GB of RAM. 8GB RAM is plenty for many users. However, today’s technology and power users require 16GB RAM to provide a superior experience. 16GB RAM is fantastic for offering you a lot of options and functions.

16GB RAM is quite adaptable, as it may be used for a variety of tasks. In general, 16GB RAM did not disappoint us in any way. A 16GB RAM can comfortably handle today’s most powerful and demanding games. Even when playing, you will experience incredible flexibility.

Photoshop may also benefit from 16GB of RAM. However, while 16GB RAM is quite useful in today’s technology, you may feel the need for extra space in some circumstances, since 32GB RAM provides excellent options. 16GB RAM is a solid choice if you’re using today’s updated software, but it’s not the greatest.

Is 32GB of RAM Enough?

For all types of devices, 32GB RAM is the best solution. The best experiences in all sectors can be had with 32GB RAM. The services and features provided by 32GB RAM are truly incredible. You will be grateful to have such opportunities.

Working with large files requires a lot of space, therefore 32GB RAM is ideal for that. 32GB RAM is more than plenty for gaming and streaming. Using 32GB RAM for gaming is unlikely to cause any issues. Virtual machines will be perfectly controlled with 32GB RAM.

In general, 32GB RAM can handle some tasks very well. Photoshop can be run with 32GB RAM since 32GB RAM is ideal for Photoshop. So, if you need 32 GB of RAM for gaming, streaming, or other basic tasks, this is the greatest and most adequate alternative. Experts agree that no other chip is ideal for gaming in all aspects.

Final Thoughts

We’ve come to the end of our 16GB vs 32GB ram comparison. With so many fantastic gadget options, we hope you now have a better understanding of the distinctions. You can purchase one of our suggested gadgets if you are seeking for a specific sort of device on a specific ram.

Please keep in mind that the 16 GB of RAM will suffice for everyday use. However, if you plan on doing a lot of work, 16GB of RAM might not be the ideal option. If you don’t want to experience lags, going to the 32 GB ram is a lot better option.

We hope you find our well-researched content to be quite useful.

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How to Clean a Toaster in Several Simple Steps

When we are eating alone or need a snack between meals, we all gravitate toward our preferred meal or snack. For example, my youngest daughter is one of the greatest cereal fans. She believes that any time of day or night is ideal for eating a bowl of cereal.

As for the rest of my family, toasties have always been the go-to for snacks and dinners. They are simple and quick to prepare and can sustain us until our next substantial meal.

There were bread crumbs everywhere on the counter, and the exterior of the toaster was smeared with a thick film of grease from the surrounding burner. It was an unsettling setting, to say the least.

And because my family’s toaster is an indispensable device, I felt it was time to show it some careful loving care. That afternoon, I resolved to clear my schedule and give it the long-overdue cleaning it deserves.

Currently, it is sitting on my kitchen countertop looking brand new. Again, I anticipate that everybody who enters my kitchen will have great things to say about the gadget.

In light of this, I have decided to share my complete cleaning method with you today so that you can spend a few minutes this week giving your toaster the care it deserves.


Requirements for cleaning your toaster

To clean a toaster, you will need:

  • A cleaning cloth or sponge
  • An all-purpose cleaner detergent
  • A little paintbrush or spatula (an unused toothbrush that you will not need will suffice)
  • Stainless steel polish

Once you have gathered these items, it is time to begin.

What to do to clean a toaster


Step 1: Pull the toaster’s plug.

Security first! To prevent accidents while cleaning your toaster, be sure to unplug it first. In addition, if you have recently used it, allow it to rest for a while. Despite being a contemporary toaster, the external surface remains cool to the touch during operation. The heating elements are still hot and require cooling time.

Step 2: Pull out the detachable crumb tray.

For those unfamiliar with toasters, the crumb tray is the component responsible for collecting any crumbs that fall off your toasted bread. And if you are using a toaster that is simple to clean, it must have come with a tray.

Pull it out and discard its contents. If it has been a while since you’ve cleaned the appliance, though, be sure to do so over a trash can or sink, since things can get nasty. After removing the crumbs, set the tray aside for a time.

Step 3: Shake the toaster vigorously.

As anticipated, the crumb tray will not expel all crumbs, and some will remain lodged inside. Shaking the toaster should dislodge them without difficulty. Therefore, invert the toaster and shake it again gently.

This will remove any large fragments that fell through the bottom section.

Step 4: Obtain a paintbrush or spatula.

Use your paintbrush or spatula to remove any dirt that has become embedded in hard-to-reach areas. If you do not have these tools in your home, I recommend you to purchase them because they are useful for cleaning a variety of kitchen appliances.

Step 5: Cleanse the crumb tray

Most toast lovers believe that placing a crumb tray in the dishwasher is the best method for cleaning it. While this is permitted in most instances, you can rest assured that your dishwasher will not achieve the same level of cleanliness as hand-washing, especially if you’re dealing with a greasy tray.

The objective of cleaning a greasy tray is to remove as much grease as possible prior to utilizing the sponge. Use a paper towel to remove grease from the surface, paying special attention to any large clumps of fat that may have accumulated in the corners.

Therefore, soak the crumb tray for approximately one hour in hot water mixed with a tiny amount of dishwashing liquid. This enables the dish soap to remove any leftover fat.

Now, clean the crumb tray using a moist sponge or cleaning cloth and a brief rinse under warm running water for a final thorough cleaning. Do not forget to allow it to dry thoroughly before placing it back in the toaster.

Step 6: Wipe down the exterior of the toaster.

Use an all-purpose cleanser on a sponge or damp cloth to clean the outside surfaces thoroughly. Pay particular attention to the lever, knobs, and any crevices atop the slots. This is where crumbs and grease tend to gather.

Re-wipe the surfaces with a moist cloth or sponge and allow them to dry.

If the toaster is as greasy as mine was, it may take some time to scrub it until it is completely clean. However, you may rest convinced that the outcome will be worthwhile.

Step 7: polish stainless steel

Remember the stainless-steel cleaner I requested you have at the beginning of the post? It comes in helpful now. It will restore your standard toaster’s luster. If your toaster is new, however, this step is unnecessary.

Step 8: Appreciate your toaster

When everything is clean and all surfaces are dry, replace the removable crumb tray, plug in the toaster, take a step back, and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Using a dry microfiber cloth and a small amount of white vinegar, feel free to give the surfaces of your toaster a pleasant sheen in only a few seconds.

This concludes the step-by-step instruction to cleaning a toaster.

But can a toaster oven be cleaned?

The good news is that the cleaning procedures for the two appliances are comparable. The primary distinctions are how the glass door and heating elements of a toaster oven are cleaned.

Remember that it is impossible to reach the heating components in a standard toaster, but since they are easily accessible in a toaster oven, you will also need to clean them. Therefore, let’s examine how to clean a toaster oven.

Cleaning the glass door

The accumulation of grease on the glass door of my toaster oven has never necessitated the purchase of a cleaning agent throughout my cleaning routines. Instead, I typically made my own cleaning solution using baking soda.

You read that correctly. A mixture of water and baking soda should be sufficient for cleaning the glass door of a filthy toaster oven.

First, combine one cup of water and one tablespoon of baking soda, then whisk thoroughly. Use paper towels to remove the majority of the grease from the glass door’s surfaces while allowing the mixture to settle for a few minutes.

After removing all crumbs, apply the paste on the oven door and allow it to sit for roughly 20 minutes.

Scrub the glass door with the nonabrasive scrubber you used to clean your standard toaster, and wipe away any remaining residue with a clean paper towel.

If necessary, repeat steps 1 and 2 until the door is suitably clean.

Cleaning the heating elements

The heated elements of a toaster oven must be cleaned with utmost caution, as a single error might result in highly serious burn damage. Verify that the appliance has been removed and that the heating elements have cooled down.

Therefore, obtain a wet piece of fabric or sponge and use it to carefully clean the length of both heating components. Note that you should not use soap or any other type of cleanser on the heating elements of your toaster oven, as they can be easily damaged. Also, if you are cleaning a gas oven, avoid applying the paste where the gas enters.

Allow the heating elements to dry prior to reusing the toaster oven.

While you are cleaning the heating elements, clean the inner surfaces of the toaster oven, including the ceiling. The ceiling surface is typically the most difficult for me to clean due to its difficult-to-reach position. Add to this the fact that toaster oven ceilings lack nonstick coating.

Feel free to utilize the baking soda solution described before when washing the ceiling. Apply the solution to a soft, damp cloth and wipe out the entire interior of your toaster oven.

Remember to allow the internal walls of the toaster oven air-dry before plugging the gadget back in and using it again.

How frequently should a toaster be cleaned?

As I indicated at the beginning of the piece, I left my toaster uncleaned on the kitchen counter until I could no longer stand the look. But after conducting additional investigation, I concluded that this was erroneous.

Not only may it cause my kitchen to smell and taste strange, but it also promotes the growth of hazardous bacteria and germs in my kitchen area. Consequently, I decided to devise a healthy cleaning regimen and share it with you.

Ideally, you should wipe clean the surface of your toaster after each usage to prevent the accumulation of debris. Additionally, remove and clean the removable crumb tray at least once each week to prevent debris and crumbs from adhering to surfaces.

My experience has taught me that the longer you wait to clean your toaster, the harder it will be to remove all the residue.

Some individuals choose to cover the removable crumb trays of their toasters with a single piece of aluminum foil in an effort to boost their cleaning efforts. This suggests that the only requirement is weekly replacement of the protective foil covering.


A clean toaster is proven to last longer and provide more tasty toast, so ensure that you routinely inspect and clean it. As you can see, the cleaning process is neither difficult nor time-consuming. You only need a few materials to be ready to go.

Please find more information in best website for kitchen review.

How to push on a skateboard?

Skateboarders find it more fun and thrilling to go fast on their boards. So, you might be upset that skateboarding doesn’t make you feel like that.

Don’t worry, you can make your skateboard go faster in two ways: by pushing and by pumping. Also, the speed of your skateboard depends on a number of things. These are having your feet in the right place, having enough power as you push harder, and making sure your equipment is in good shape.

Here is a detailed explanation of how to push a skateboard faster.

How to Push Faster?

To go fast on a skateboard, you have to learn the right tricks and how to stand on it. When skateboarding on flat ground, the most common way to go faster is to push off with one foot. If you want your skateboard to go as fast as you want it to, you have to push as hard as you can.

Step 1: Kicking and advancing

Place your front foot on the front of the skateboard deck to start.

Put the weight of your body on your front foot. Kick as far forward as you can with your back foot. Your legs are bent at the knees, and your toes are pointed down. Your two front wheels should land after your toes. Then kick it back up as hard as you can, making sure to pass the two wheels at the back of the skateboard. Slide your front hand backward and your back hand forward at the same time. How fast your skateboard goes depends on how hard you push and how long your toes stay on the ground. cAs you push off the ground, your back foot will give you the speed you need and also control the movement.

How you move your feet is a big part of making your skateboard go faster. The harder you push and the more force you put into it, the faster you will go.

As you learn the right way to push harder and faster, you’ll need to coordinate the movements of your upper body while riding a board to keep your balance and momentum.

Step 2: Pumping to get going faster

On flat surfaces, you should push, but on curved surfaces, you should pump. Pumping on a skateboard is similar to pumping on a swing. To make the swing go higher, you have to lift your legs and put them back down when you’re at the top.

  • Make your knees bend.
  • As you skate toward the more flat bottom of the curves, your upper body should be facing forward and down.
  • As you transition, straighten your legs as you rise.
  • From this position, you can go as fast as you want.
  • The higher you can fly over the edge, the faster you are going.

How to Make Your Skateboard Go Faster in Other Ways

In general, it’s important to learn the right way to push and pump to speed up your skateboard. But you can also speed up by making sure your gear is in good shape.

Technically, the wheels on your skateboard have something to do with how fast or slow it can go. You should think about getting new wheels because size and quality are important.

Even though smaller wheels are easier to move and get going faster, bigger wheels will give you the most speed. Not only are they great for cruising, but they also tend to roll a little longer and give you more speed.

High-quality urethane skateboard wheels tend to roll faster and last longer. You can also make your skateboard go faster by getting bigger, harder, and better wheels.


If you want to go faster on a skateboard, you need to learn how to push faster. To get the speed you want, you need to use the right techniques and tricks. But it’s not good to have too much of anything. As the speed goes up, you have to take more care and safety measures when you do your skateboarding tricks.


In 5 Simple Steps, Connect Any Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

Do you wish to pair your Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, or a headset with your Xbox One gaming system?

You will quickly learn that Microsoft does not natively support Bluetooth audio if you attempt to pair them. Fortunately, there is a different way to do this.

The secret is to connect your headphones using your phone. Even better, any Xbox console that supports the Xbox app can use this technique.

This is the simplest way to enable Xbox players to use Bluetooth headphones to listen to gaming audio.

This is the procedure.

Step 1: Open Xbox One’s settings menu.

Start your Xbox One system, then go to the account settings. Select Devices & Connections from the left menu. You can also choose among options for peripherals, remote features, digital assistants, mice, media remotes, Kinect, discs, and Blu-ray in this section.

Step 2. Turn on remote features

Then, choose “Remote Features.” Make sure the radio button next to “Enable Remote Features” is selected in this section. Check the box to allow remote functionality if it isn’t already selected. Your setup will be briefly tested by the Xbox, which will then give you a connection report.

All of your Xbox One’s remote features are enabled through Remote Features. This enables you to use your phone to connect to your Xbox One console whenever you want.

Step 3. Download the Xbox app for a phone.

Download the Xbox app to your iPhone or Android device from the Google Play Store, if appropriate. Users can use the app to stream games from their Xbox system to their phones over the internet. But you won’t employ it in that way. Instead, you’ll make use of the app’s ability to stream gameplay audio.

Step 4. Enable Remote Play

Once the download is finished, launch the Xbox app on your phone. You’ll notice an Xbox console symbol at the top of the screen. On the icon, click. When you do so, a screen with the options will appear that says “Xbox One Console On.” Using this device’s remote, Manage installed games by opening the remote control. “Remote play on this device” should be clicked.

The Xbox will attempt to connect to your Xbox One while displaying animation and the text “Getting your console ready.” We located your console but can’t connect, it will say if it has problems connecting to your network. Change your Wi-Fi or cellular network and try again. Your phone’s screen will reflect the one on your TV once you’re connected. The quality of your phone’s and Xbox’s connection will depend on your internet speed.

Step 5. Attach Bluetooth headphones to the phone.

Once your Xbox One console is linked to your Android or iPhone, all you need to do to hear the game’s audio is couple any Bluetooth headphones or headset with your phone. This is how you do it.

Pair Bluetooth headphones with an Android phone.

  1. Start pairing your headphones.
  2. Swipe down from the top of the screen on your phone to reveal the “Quick Settings” menu.
  3. Switch on Bluetooth.
  • All linked and accessible devices are displayed on the Bluetooth settings screen.

Tap and hold the Bluetooth symbol to navigate to the settings screen manually.

Locate and choose the name of your headphones under “Available Devices” in step 4.

  1. A message titled “Bluetooth pairing request” will appear. To agree, press “Ok.”
  2. Your phone will now show “Connected for audio” as the name of your headphones.
  3. A notification will be audible and play over your headphones.

Attach Bluetooth headphones to your iPhone.

  1. Activate Bluetooth on your headphones and set pairing mode.
  2. Click “Settings” on your phone.
  3. In the settings menu, select Bluetooth and confirm that it is turned on.
  4. Select the headphone pair you want to connect under “Other Devices” by tapping on them.
  5. You’ll be informed that your headphones are connected.
  6. Your phone’s “My Devices” section will now show your headphones.
  7. A notification will be audible and play over your headphones.

How to Pair Wireless Headsets with Xbox One

The Xbox One from Microsoft does not support Bluetooth audio that is paired directly to the device. Therefore, if you wish to connect a headphone directly to the Xbox, you must use an approved Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset or a headset that is compatible with the Xbox One.

Activate your Xbox One headset and console.

  1. For around 4 seconds, press and hold the headset’s power button.
  • A pairing tone that repeats will be audible.
  • The headset’s power light will start to blink erratically.
  1. On the front of the Xbox One console, find the Pair button.

Four. Press the Pair button. The console’s power light will start blinking.

  1. After connecting the headset and console, the power lights on both devices will cease flashing.
  2. The game audio will play if the devices are successfully linked.


You’ll discover that Microsoft doesn’t natively support Bluetooth audio if you wish to utilize Bluetooth headphones with your Xbox One. But it’s simple to link your headphones to your phone using the Xbox app.

For this to function, you must enter the Xbox One console’s settings. Download the Xbox app after that, then customize the settings on your phone. Pairing your Bluetooth headphones with your phone is required in order to hear game audio.

We go into great depth on how to pair any Bluetooth headphones with your iPhone or Android device. Finally, we go over how to connect your Xbox One console to a suitable wireless headset.

When you play video games, do your ears become warm and perspire? The next post in this series looks at ways to keep your ears cool while using headphones.

How to Soundproof a Car

How to Soundproof a Car

Unwanted sound can be annoying. Noise is distracting and diverts attention. Road noise, whether from screeching tires, wind, motors, loud music from other vehicles or stalls, ventilators, or other sources, can ruin a pleasurable journey. The noise source could be external or internal. External noise is communicated by the engine’s radiations and vibrations, which cause windows and doors to rattle and gaps such as door seals and rain gutters to leak. However, it is quite unfortunate that noise is omnipresent and difficult to avoid.

You don’t have to buy a new car if you can’t bear the noise any longer. Instead of incurring the entire cost, consider soundproofing.

Soundproofing is the process of constructing or installing barriers between noise and areas where noise should not be allowed to enter. Soundproofing reduces noise by absorbing sound waves to a certain extent.

Some people are fortunate to have their cars soundproofed from the factory, while others are not.

The significance of soundproofing

It muffles all external noise.

It improves driving safety.

It makes you feel more at ease.

It improves the audio in your vehicle.

What Is the Best Way to Soundproof Your Car?

  1. Put down Automotive Sound Deadening Mats.

It’s almost astounding how a car’s floor isn’t as thick as one may imagine. Because of its proximity to the ground, road noise quickly enters the vehicle through the floor.

Normal regular floor mats trap dust, promote comfort, and improve the appearance of the automobile; nevertheless, they don’t help much with soundproofing because they’re thin and aren’t tailormade for soundproofing. Dampening/sound deadening carpets, on the other hand, are thick and endure a long time to absorb sounds, hence lowering undercarriage noise.

Furthermore, the installation of the mats varies depending on the product. Some must be cut before being installed, while others are pre-cut.

You don’t have to throw away your customary mats. They can be placed on top of the sound-absorbing mats.

2.Apply Liner Insulation

Liner insulation, when paired with deadening matting, significantly reduces noise. Install the sound dampening mats first, then apply the liner insulation directly over the mats.

Despite its effectiveness as a soundproofing material, it is also utilized for thermal insulation. It produces a barrier by reflecting and absorbing vibrations from the source of noise. Look at Kilmat for car noise insulation, dampening, and sound deadening, among other things.

3.Replace the rubber seals on the windows, doors, and roof.

The noise would easily flow through doors because most door interiors are thin and empty(without the door handles, windows, and locks) (without the door handles, windows, and locks). Also, in many car models, especially the obsolete ones, doors have little or no insulation. Replacing the rubber seals is one of the efficient means of soundproofing. In this situation, however, the use of dampening materials serves the same goal as insulation.

Also, the noise would be coming via the cracks on your windows and doors. Sealing the gaps will assist to reduce noise.

Use sound-deadening material on the roof as well. Please remove the cloth headliner with care, since it will need to be reapplied following installation. Following that, measure the roof and apply the deadening material. Before putting the insulation, scrub your roof using an alcohol-soaked cloth to eliminate any dirt. This also helps with adhesion.

I would recommend using a peel-and-stick backing to insulate for a more convenient installation.

Get an all-in-one kit that includes everything you need for a simple installation.

4.Inspect tires for uneven wear and replace them if necessary.

The tires you ride on every day could be the primary source of noise in your vehicle. Riding over worn-out or uneven tears can be dangerous because they don’t hold the asphalt firmly, causing one to lose control of the vehicle.

Small stones can get lodged in your treads and damage them. This causes the treads to be uneven, resulting in vibrations and noise. Cheap tires, as well as unaligned and low-quality tires, contribute to noise.

To control the noise, one should examine and change their tires on a regular basis.

When choosing soundproofing tires, there are several variables to consider:

To reduce noise, choose the narrowest wheels for your vehicle. This is due to bigger wheels having more contact with the road, which causes your tires to gather more vibrations, resulting in more noise.

Choose larger tires or more rubber. Because rubber is a sound absorber and works as a cushion for contact and vibrations between your car and the road, the more rubbers you have, the better your chances of decreasing noise.


Tires with decibel ratings and the three-wave sign (noise rating). The decibel rating indicates the number of decibels utilized by the manufacturer while testing the tires, with higher decibels indicating greater performance. In the case of the three-wave symbol, a line indicates less noise and high performance, whereas three waves indicate greater noise and bad performance.

5.Use Undercoating to Reduce Noise

Rubber undercoating protects the car against corrosion. Despite its resistance to sand, water, salt, and chemicals, it also absorbs road and motor noise.

It is typically packaged in spray cans, making it simple to apply. All you have to do is spray it on the surface you want to isolate and wait for it to dry.

6.Use soundproofing sprays on your car.

These are intended for use in difficult-to-reach areas. If you have gaps after putting liner insulation and deadening mats, they are the best solution.

The sprays are available in aerosol cans that are simple to use.

They could also come in professional cans that require the use of compressors and paint guns.

7.Insert Background Sound

Soundproofing enhances the acoustic quality of your vehicle. As a result, you can combat noise with greater noise. This entails playing stronger background music to drown out road noise. This can be accomplished by installing new sound systems.

It adds to the excitement, but it is dangerous.

Remove any moving objects.

Ensure that all mobile pieces of your vehicle, such as cup holders, are firm and secure so that they do not vibrate.

Remove any loose items from your dashboard, such as keys and cell phones.

When insulating your car, make sure you don’t leave any holes.

Last words.

Are Soundproofing Techniques Effective?

You will initially experience strange results, but it works. The success of soundproofing is determined by the strategies used. Furthermore, the level of noise reduction relies on the type of vehicle you are operating; older models are more difficult to soundproof.

To summarize, while none of these solutions completely eliminate noise, they do make your automobile quieter and more pleasant.


Do All Smart TVs Have Bluetooth

Cable clutter may be an eyesore when you’ve got a smart TV in every area of your house, which is why it’s important to keep things neat and tidy.
When it comes to connecting your Smart TV, nothing beats Bluetooth because it ensures a constant stream of data.

Do Smart TVs have Bluetooth?


Bluetooth is not included in all Smart TVs. Competition amongst brands led to the inclusion of this feature in lower-tiered models, which in turn led to increased sales and a wider audience.
As the price of Smart TVs continues to fall, it has become obvious for Smart TV makers to boost their game in the market and begin incorporating Bluetooth into their offerings.


Do All New Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?


Bluetooth is currently a standard feature on a variety of electronic gadgets; however, it is not yet a standard feature on smart televisions.
Even if there are still a great number of Smart TVs on the market that do not have Bluetooth as a feature, this connectivity method is gradually becoming standard for the models that are in the middle and upper tiers of the market.

Do Samsung Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?


Samsung has made Bluetooth a standard feature for its TVs that include the Smart Remote in the package.
According to Korean-company, all Smart Remotes connect via Bluetooth.
Do LG Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?
LG Smart TVs now have Bluetooth as a feature.
LG also sells its proprietary Magic Remote, which allows users to have less remote control units for their devices, and merge control under one device.
The Magic Remote is usually sold separately.
Do Vizio Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?
Only Bluetooth LE, also known as low energy, is supported by Vizio.
This indicates that the Bluetooth connection on all Vizio TVs is built to handle the Smartcast program that the manufacturer creates, and that your mobile device can function as a remote control for the TV.

Do Sony Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?

Not all Smart TVs from Sony have Bluetooth.
The Bluetooth in Sony Smart TVs is used to connect audio devices to the TV.
Should your Sony TV not have Bluetooth, you can connect a Bluetooth transmitter to pair your device with your Bluetooth speakers.
Do Sharp Smart TVs Have Bluetooth?
Only a select line of Sharp Smart TVs has Bluetooth built into it.
How do I know if my Smart TV has Bluetooth?
To check your Smart TV for Bluetooth capability, you can open your TV’s settings, and look underconnectivity.
If a Bluetooth option appears, chances are it supports it. If your Smart TV requires a Bluetooth adapter, the Bluetooth option would not be highlighted and colored grey.
This means you need to plug a supported adapter for your TV.
What Other Wireless Options Do Smart TVs Have?
Smart TVs have a lot of options for wireless connectivity, aside from Bluetooth.
Mobile High Definition Link
Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) is a wireless connection to mirror your device onto the Smart TV.
This is handy if you want to present something from your phone or show an app on your phone. The mirrored screen will be projected in one of your HDMI screens on your TV.
A lot of Smart TVs now have MHL built into them.
You can check your user manual to determine which HDMI slot your MHL connection is located.


There is a good chance that this will appear to be self-explanatory.
Wi-Fi is more than just a way to connect your Smart TV to the Internet wirelessly.
The MHL-compatible device you want to connect to your Smart TV must be Wi-Fi enabled as well, otherwise it will not work.
Your Smart TV must be linked to the same wireless router as your mobile device in order to stream content from it to your TV.
For your Smart TV to work, you need a router.
It is possible to control a Smart TV using a remote app that connects to the TV over Wi-Fi. You download this app to your smartphone and link your phone or tablet to your Smart TV using the same wireless network as MHL connections.

USB Adapters and Other Plug-in Accessories

In the event that your Smart TV does not have built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect a wireless dongle that is compatible with your Smart TV by way of its USB port.
The maker of your Smart TV should be able to provide you with a list of dongles that are compatible with your set-top box. You may also use the USB port on your Smart TV to connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to it.
There is no substitute for having a physical keyboard and mouse when it comes to navigating through the user interface of a Smart TV. This eliminates the need to deal with on-screen buttons that are too small and the navigation buttons on the remote control.
You should consider connecting a USB wireless keyboard and mouse to your Smart TV if you have one of these devices. If you find that navigating and typing on your Smart TV with its on-screen keyboard is difficult for you, this would be a very helpful solution for you.
The Google Chromecast is yet another device that may be connected to your television in order to establish wireless connectivity.
You may mirror apps that are compatible on your smartphone, tablet, or computer using a device called a Chromecast, which is plugged onto the HDMI connector of your television. To connect and mirror, your device and Chromecast need to be linked through the same Wi-Fi port. This is similar to the way that MHL works.
To use a Chromecast with your Smart TV that lacks MHL, you can purchase an MHL receiver and put it into the HDMI port.

Voice Command

Voice instructions can be sent to your Smart TV using its smart remote, allowing you to order it to search for a video or change the station.
Some Smart TVs can be wired up to your Smart Home Speaker System and then pre-set to switch on automatically or change channels when you give them the command to do so. You are now able to integrate your TV and other components of your home’s automation by simply connecting it to your home system.
You can even arrange it to turn on automatically at a certain time, which comes in useful if you want your TV to turn on while you are away from your house in order to discourage robbers from getting into your home.

What Can You Connect Via Bluetooth to Your Smart TV?

Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones

If you have a home theater sound system, connecting your Smart TV to your speaker system is the best approach to increase the sound quality of your Smart TV.
The best way to avoid cluttering up your console is by connecting it via Bluetooth.
The built-in speakers on most Smart TVs aren’t the best. In fact, they’re barely above average. They may sound excellent because of the equalizer presets and other built-in features, but your Bluetooth-enabled sound system will provide a superior viewing experience.
Use Bluetooth Headphones with your Smart TV if the TV is too loud for you to watch at night.
You don’t have to wake up the whole home to have the same watching experience.

Smartphone or Tablet

You may use your smartphone or tablet to manage newer Smart TVs via an app available on the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store.
To use your phone as a remote control for your Smart TV, all you need to do is turn on Bluetooth, launch the designated app, and couple your TV with your phone.
Please keep in mind that not all Smart TVs support Bluetooth remote control app connectivity.
When using a Smart TV, some manufacturers require that you use the same wireless network that you are using for your phone.

Keyboard and Mouse

You may use the same Bluetooth keyboard and mouse you use with your tablet with your Smart TV as well.
You may now use your Smart TV as if it were a desktop computer by pairing your Bluetooth-enabled Keyboard and Mouse through the Smart TV’s settings.
It’s now lot easier when looking for a movie to watch to click without having to scroll all the way down.

Remote Control

Many Smart TV remote controllers now utilize Bluetooth technology, in case you didn’t know.
To send a command, you had to point to a specific area of the TV and press one of its buttons.
Aiming the remote control is no longer necessary thanks to the addition of Bluetooth as a means of communication between a TV and the remote.
As a result, the Bluetooth control on Smart TVs is always enabled by default. Once the TV is turned on, the remote control is automatically paired, removing the need to pair it during setup.

Can I Buy a Bluetooth Adapter for My TV?

A Bluetooth adaptor may be attached to your television set.
If you are seeking for an adapter that enables you to create additional connections in addition to audio ones, you can inquire with the maker of the device about which Bluetooth adapters are compatible with it. These adapters are typically accessories that are also produced by the manufacturer of your Smart TV and are sold separately.
There are also a great number of third-party Bluetooth adapters available on the market; however, the sole purpose of these adapters is to enable you to couple your Smart TV with Bluetooth speakers or headphones.
Depending on the specific adapter, these adapters are inserted into either the optical port or the headphone out.

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Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay – Comparison | Updates 2020

Since I can remember, stock cars have always had entertainment systems. Most car companies have their own entertainment systems in their cars. The manufacturer’s infotainment systems have bad designs, horrible icons, and weird fonts, just to name a few things. Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay are better than most infotainment systems made by car companies, which aren’t very good.

Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay use your phone’s music, voice, and navigation features to power your car’s entertainment options. These two are doing a great job of trying to make the infotainment systems from the manufacturer better.

So, how do they compare, and which is best?

Android Auto

Android Auto is an in-car interface made by Google that shows the features of an Android device on the built-in screen of a compatible car. Android Auto is made to help drivers use their phones without having to take their hands off the wheel and look at their phones. Android Auto can be controlled by touchscreens and buttons, but Google’s voice command (Google Assistant) is recommended to keep drivers’ attention on the road. Android Auto works with Android phones that have Android 5.0 or higher. For seamless connectivity, you should use Android 6.0. You can get the app from Google Playstore, but Android 10 already comes with Android Auto built in.

CarPlay from Apple

CarPlay is an Apple standard, just like Android Auto, that lets the head unit of your car be both a screen and a controller for your phone, in this case an iPhone. With CarPlay, you can control your phone with your voice (Siri voice control), buttons, knobs, and the touchscreen, just like you can with Android Auto. Apple CarPlay works with iPhones running iOS 7.1 or later, starting with the iPhone 5. CarPlay doesn’t need to be added to your iPhone like Android Auto does. But your car or a head unit you buy separately must be able to work with Apple CarPlay.

The difference between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Setting up CarPlay for the first time in your car is pretty easy.

  • First, turn on the entertainment system in your car.
  • Turn on Siri on your iPhone by going to Settings.
  • Connect your phone to the USB port in your car.
  • Hold down the Home button on your iPhone until Siri shows up on the screen of the head unit.

After you’ve set up CarPlay, all you have to do is tap the icon the next time you want to use it. CarPlay also gives you the chance to go back to your car’s original settings if you don’t like it.

Unless your phone is running Android 10, you need to download the Android Auto app from Playstore before you can use Android Auto. If you have the Android Auto app on your phone,

  • Connect your phone to your car’s head unit with a USB cable.
  • The app will tell you which big apps you should install if you haven’t already. Like Google Search, Google Maps, or Google Play Music.

After the app has been installed, a pop-up will ask you to give it permission.

You will then be ready to use Android Auto.

It’s easy to set up these two apps. But you should make sure that both your phone and your car can run the apps. To use CarPlay with your iPhone, it should be an iPhone 5 and run iOS 7.1 or a later version or model. CarPlay should also be able to work with your car. Check out the models of cars that work with CarPlay. Your Android phone should be running Android 5.0 or a higher version to work with Android Auto. Here is a list of the car models that can be used.

Design/User Interface

Whether you like Android or Apple’s interface depends on how you feel about its user interface or how it looks. If you use Android, Android Auto might be the best for you. The same thing would be true for iPhone users.

But putting aside personal preferences, which has the best user interface?

CarPlay is set up in a flat way that shows all the apps and features as large icons on a screen that you can scroll through. The CarPlay interface is hard to find fault with. It’s simple and good as a whole.

Android Auto’s home screen is a little bit different in how it is set up. At the bottom, there is a menu with shortcuts for doing different things.

In general, CarPlay from Apple is a little better than Android Auto. Even though both are still getting updates to make them easier to use, CarPlay wins because of its simple layout.


Before iOS 12, the only navigation app that could be used with Apple CarPlay was Apple Maps. Google Maps and other third-party navigation apps did not work with Apple CarPlay. Users can now choose to install Google Map or other navigation apps like Waze or Sygic GPS instead of Apple’s Maps, which they are forced to use. To use Google Maps on CarPlay, you just need to get the app from the App Store and press the icon on your CarPlay screen.

Google Maps is the navigation app that comes with Android Auto. Google Maps is still one of the best apps for getting around. Compared to other navigation apps, it has clear directions, the features you want, an easy-to-use interface, and many other features. If you don’t like Google Maps, Android Auto also works with third-party apps like the better Waze.

When it comes to navigation, Android Auto is by far the best. Even though Apple’s CarPlay now works with Google Maps and other navigation apps, Android Auto is still more flexible and useful.

Phone calls and texting

Calls and messages on these two systems are both sent and received by voice commands. Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay only use voice to send messages. This setting makes it safer for the driver to pick up calls or get messages and retrieve them. When it comes to calls, both of these apps work great.

When it comes to messaging, Android Auto is our favorite because it works with a lot of different apps.

CarPlay only works with Whatsapp and Messages when it comes to messaging apps. So you won’t be able to use other platforms like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Skype, or Kik. If you get a message through an app other than Whatsapp or Messages, you will have to pick up your phone and read it yourself.

Many messaging apps can be used with Android Auto. These are third-party messaging apps like Whatsapp, Skype, Google Allo, WeChat, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Kik, and many more. This makes it easier for people who use other messaging apps besides Whatsapp and the CarPlay messages.

Sounds and music

One of the most important parts of an infotainment system in a car is probably music or audio. It should be easy to play music from the comfort of your car. Android Auto and CarPlay both have built-in music apps and support third-party apps for music and audio.

With Apple CarPlay, you can use Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and other music apps in addition to the default music app. Siri now works with music apps made by other companies thanks to the new iOS 13 update.

Google Play Music is the default music app for Android Auto. Apps like Amazon Music, Spotify, and Youtube Music that aren’t made by Google can also be used with Android Auto.


Voice Control: Google Assistant vs Apple Siri

Voice control, which is different from hands-on control, lets a driver control a car without touching the head unit. This lets the driver keep his or her attention on the road. Voice is the next big thing in computer and gadget interfaces, so it’s important to have the best audio interface.

At the moment, Google’s assistant is still the best, and Siri is second. In a test done by, Google Assistant did the best job of answering the most questions in the most categories. Here is a bar graph that shows the results by category.

Even though Google Assistant is still better than Siri at voice control, both do a great job.

Help for third-party apps

With the most recent update to Apple’s CarPlay, it now works with a wider range of third-party apps in addition to the core Apple apps. But in total, there are still less than 30 applications.

Over 120 Google and third-party apps can be used with Android Auto right now.

Even though both systems can run the most important apps, a user with Android Auto will be able to choose which apps to use.


When we talk about support, we think about two things. First, how many car models a system works with and which phones can run CarPlay or Android Auto.

First, car models.

Even though both apps are getting more popular and working with more car models as time goes on, Android Auto is still the best and works with more cars than CarPlay. Android Auto is currently available in more than 500 new car models around the world. Even though Apple’s CarPlay is still behind, it now works with more than 400 new car models around the world. This is about the same number as Android Auto.

With aftermarket infotainment systems, you can also add Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to cars that didn’t have them before.

Phones, second.

DeviceAtlas says that there were 60 percent more iPhone users in 2019 than in 2018. Even though Android is becoming more popular in the US, it only had 40 percent of the market. This gives Apple a big advantage over Android because they can reach a lot more people.

Can I connect my Android phone to Apple CarPlay?

No. Apple CarPlay works only with iPhones and iPads because it is tied to the OS. You will need to buy an iPhone if you want to use CarPlay. If you have an Android phone, you can use Android Auto to play music and other media in your car.

Can Bluetooth work with CarPlay?

Yes. Even though most cars with CarPlay will require you to plug in and connect your iPhone with the lightning cable, newer models now support CarPlay and work through the car’s Bluetooth connection.

Can Android Auto be used without a cord?

Yes. The main way to connect to your car, like CarPlay, is through a USB cable. But you can also use a wireless connection to link your phone to your car.

Can older cars get Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is only available in newer cars from certain car companies. If you have an older car model and want to use CarPlay in it, you still have a choice. CarPlay works with a number of aftermarket stereo receivers.

Is there something else besides Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

You don’t have to use Android Auto or CarPlay as your car’s infotainment system. You can still choose from a number of other options. These include Drivemode, MirroLink, CarOS, HERE WeGo, Airbiquity, Car Dashdroid, and Dashlinq.

The End Result

Here are the scores after eight tough rounds.

Android Auto: 3

First, Apple CarPlay:

A Tie: 4

Based on the numbers, Android Auto is the best car entertainment system. But whether you choose Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay will depend on what mobile operating system you prefer, not on what this comparison says. Both systems are also constantly updated to make them work better and look better.


A real, honest look at the Onewheel Pint. Small, but fierce!

When you see it for the first time, your head will turn 180 degrees…

The Onewheel Pint is what I want to talk about.

When you first look at it, it seems to go against the laws of physics. How the hell does that thing stay in balance with just one wheel?

We don’t know much either… And, really, who cares? We’re here to talk about the Pint and how cool it is, not the physics behind it.

Let’s get started!

How it works and what it has

Onewheel says the following about the Pint’s performance:

  • Top Speed: 16 mph
  • Range: 6-8 miles
  • Hill Climb Rate: 20-25%
  • Motor: 750W Hypercore Brushless

Even though they aren’t the best glasses you’ve ever seen, they’re not the worst either. And to be honest, this board wasn’t made to do well…

If you want more speed, range, and power, you should buy the XR, which has much better speed and range.

The Pint is 23 pounds and 27 inches long, which makes it small, easy to carry, and simple to store.

What We Like
The Things You Need

Surprisingly, the extra gadgets and gizmos that come with this bad boy are incredibly useful, unlike other companies that just want to sell you more junk.

You can buy them separately, or you can save money by buying them as part of a package deal. No matter what, these accessories are worth the money and make your board look better and more like you.

Here are some accessories that we really like.

$70 for Maghandle Pro

I’ve always talked about how bad it is when you can no longer ride your electric skateboard. Whether your battery dies or you hit some crazy terrain or obstacles that make it impossible to get through. Most people have to haul their big, heavy e-boards around by the trunks. But if you have the Maghandle, it’s a joke to carry your Onewheel Pint around… I mean, really, it’s like giving your electric skateboard its own little briefcase. To pick up the Pint, just pull the handle out from inside the wheel frame. When you’re ready to ride again, just set the Pint on the ground and the handle will snap back into place. It’s very quiet and won’t bother you at all on your ride.

Fender – $75 (Pint Version)

Want to make your Pint a little more stylish and keep it safe? Add this easy-to-install wheel guard to protect your wheel. Their website says that the fender helps keep your board in great shape. If you don’t want it for any ride or reason, it only takes a minute to take it off. 14 colors to choose from!

Bumpers – $45 (Pint Version)

Last but not least, we have the bumpers. These will help protect your Pint from things like walls, people, trees, and anything else you might ride into. I don’t crash into things very often, but this little piece of protection can help a lot! The bumpers are made of and also come in 14 different colors.

The Handle

Remote controls are a pain!

They are small, easy to lose, and not the best way to control something. If you’ve ever ridden an e-board with a remote, you know that the board will jerk if you even slightly rush the controls on the remote (speed up too fast or brake too hard).

This can also be dangerous and make you lose your balance.

Onewheel decided to stop using remotes because they are so annoying. The board is much easier and more useful to control.

Lean forward to move forward or speed up, and lean back to stop or slow down. If you want to turn, all you have to do is lean from side to side. Not only do these controls make movement and control better, but they also make the game more fun.

It’s very quick and easy to move through traffic or around other obstacles. That can’t be said about other regular e-boards, which have trouble making hard right turns…

The Range Gets Through

Onewheel says that the Pint can go between 6 and 8 miles before it needs a charge.

I wasn’t too excited when I read this, maybe because most riders are used to boards that can go at least 12 miles per charge. 6 miles just doesn’t seem enough!

One YouTuber, though, says he got 14 miles out of one charge. (Even though he said he never had to deal with real hills or headwinds.)

We found that the Pint could go about 9 miles on a single charge before it died on us (with a 185-pound rider). So, even though Onewheel says the board can only go 6–8 miles, it can actually go a little further…

Other videos on YouTube have shown the same thing. Many riders get 9 to 11 miles of riding out of the Pint before it stops working.

The Program

Onewheel has an app that can do everything, just like other major e-board brands.

You’ll find out things like:

  • Speed
  • Top Speed Traveled
  • Battery Level
  • Distance Traveled
  • Nearby Riders
  • Leaderboards
  • Other Ride Details

But “Digital Shaping,” a feature of the app that lets you change the way you ride, might be the coolest thing about it.

You can change your Pint’s ride mode in the same way that many cars can switch between Sport, Econ, All-Terrain, Hybrid, etc.

Different ride modes will change your top speed, range, ability to turn, ability to climb hills, smoothness, and a lot more!

Digital Shaping can really make your riding experience better, and you should try them all if you can.

Lights Already Put In

Almost no electric skateboards already have lights built into the deck or board. If you want lights, you have to choose from a very small number of options…

But you’re in luck if you decide to buy a Onewheel!

Both the Pint and the XR have headlights and taillights that can be turned on and off easily with the Onewheel app. The lights not only make you more visible to other people, but they also light up the ground in front of you, making you safer.

Riding at night is dangerous. I was riding once and almost got hit by a police car… This shows how hard it can be to see a person walking on an e-board.

The fact that Onewheel put lights on their boards will help keep you safe and keep you from having to spend more money.


This board is very quick. This thing is only 3 pounds lighter than the XR, but it makes a big difference when you ride.

It’s fast, easy, and gives you a lot more freedom.

I’ll compare it to the difference between driving a big SUV and a small, light coupe.

The XR is faster, but the Pint is easier to turn, squeeze through traffic, and ride through the dangerous streets of any city.

Its agile riding style makes it a great companion for the XR!

Ability to go anywhere

I’ve always loved one thing about Onewheel…

The freedom to ride everywhere!

Most electric skateboards have four wheels made of strong plastic, but the Pint only has one HUGE rubber wheel that can handle almost anything.

Think of it like comparing a Porsche with street racing tires to a Jeep with off-road tires. The Jeep can go wherever it wants, but the Porsche can only go on the road.

With a 10.5-inch Pint wheel, you can easily ride over sticks, rocks, gravel, potholes, bumps, and more.

But what’s the point?

This board is easy to take off-roading on dirt roads or forest paths. But if you really want to go off-road, you should think about buying the XR. It has a bigger wheel and frame, which makes it more stable and useful for riding on any surface.

This is a big win for Onewheel.

Some e-board companies make “all-terrain boards” or “boards with all-terrain wheels.”

But none of them perform or look as good as the Pint or the XR.


Say whatever you like… $950 isn’t as bad as you think, though.

Yes, I know you’ll probably have to save up, but the price is much more reasonable. I mean, the XR costs almost twice as much!

Many people want Onewheel, but the XR is too expensive for them… Now that the Pint is out, people have a choice.

Even though $950 is still a lot of money, it’s the right price. Only 3 mph slower than the XR, the Pint has about half the range and costs about half as much.

And if you buy these highly recommended accessories as part of a bundle, you’ll save a lot of money.

The best part is that you can pay for the board over time if you really can’t pay the $950 all at once. There are ways to pay for both the Pint and the XR through Onewheel.

The Pint can be paid for over 18 months for as little as $52 a month.

If you want a Pint but don’t have $950, I’m sure you could come up with $52 every month. Just know that you might have to pay a little bit of interest and taxes when you pay off the board.

Different Bundles

When you buy the Pint, you can choose from three different sets. Don’t forget that you don’t have to buy a bundle—you can just buy the board on its own (the bundle just comes with discounted accessories).

Essentials Bundle – $995

  • Pint
  • Fender
  • Can be financed for $55 a month for 18 months

The Essentials is the cheapest bundle, but it only comes with one accessory, the fender. Even though it seems silly, buying this bundle instead of the board and fender separately will save you $30, so it’s worth it if you really want that fender!

Ride More Bundle – $1,045

  • Pint
  • Fender
  • Bumper
  • Guard Rails
  • Can be financed for $58 a month for 18 months

We’re going to talk now. Some more things that will really make your Pint better. With the fender, bumper, and guard rails, your board will not only look better, but it will also be much safer. You save $50 worth of accessories.

Ultimate Bundle – $1,200

  • Pint
  • Fender
  • Bumper
  • Guard Rails
  • Ultracharger
  • Maghandle Pro
  • Finacing as low as $67 a month for 18 months

And last but not least, the bundle that costs the most. The Ultimate Bundle comes with everything from the Ride More Bundle, plus an Ultracharger (which lets you charge your battery very quickly) and a Maghandle Pro (a handle that attaches to your board for super easy carrying). Overall, it’s the most expensive, but it’s also the best deal because it saves you $67 on accessories. If you want to buy accessories like I do, you can save money by buying this bundle.

What We Don’t Like
Taking on Weight

Now, I know I said I liked it because it felt so light when riding… But now I’m going to talk about when you have to carry it…

This board is surprisingly heavy for how small and compact it is…

It weighs 23 pounds, which is a lot!

It’s not much lighter than the 26-pound Onewheel+ XR, which is its bigger brother.

Even electric longboards with a width of 38 inches, like the Boosted Plus and Boosted Stealth, weigh only 17 pounds.

The Evolve Carbon GTR, which only weighs 21.5 pounds, is the same way. (Here I was thinking that board was heavy…)

Now, weight isn’t a problem at all if you don’t have to carry the board, but when you do, it’s a real pain in the rear… That’s why you should definitely buy the Maghandle Pro so you can carry the Pint around like a briefcase and take some of the weight off of those 23 pounds.

Top Speed

If I could change one thing about the board, it would be the maximum speed.

It just needs a little more juice.

The board has an automatic “pushback” feature that kicks in when the rider goes too fast. Basically, it’s almost like having your car automatically slow down. This is a great safety feature that will help keep you from crashing into the street in front of you, but it will only work between 15 and 16 mph.

That’s not fast enough. Maybe it’s because I’ve been on faster boards before, but I’d like a little more kick.

This board is for people who ride in the city and need to move quickly and easily, which makes sense, but a little more speed never hurts the inner kid in me…

Final Verdict

Do you want to buy the Pint?


Its unique way of riding will make it stand out from almost all other electric skateboards… Honestly, it’s not even a real electric skateboard! It’s a strange, magical hoverboard with only one wheel!

If you’ve never ridden the Pint, you won’t be disappointed by how awesome it is. It’s a lot of fun and very useful.

You can’t go wrong because it’s easy to learn and very safe to use. You can finance it if you have to, but it’s worth it to buy!

And at $950, it’s a pretty good deal when you look at how much other similar products cost and how well they work.