The air fryer is a popular kitchen tool that is becoming more and more popular. If you like the food this machine makes, you may be wondering, “Can an air fryer replace a microwave?”

The two appliances are used for different things. In most cases, a fryer can’t take the place of a microwave. Why, then, can’t an air fryer replace a microwave?

Can a microwave be replaced by an air fryer?

No, that’s not right. Air fryers can’t really take the place of a microwave. The fryer or countertop convection oven may be able to do the work of a regular oven, but it can’t do the work of a microwave.

Even though they do the same things, this fryer can’t keep up with how fast a microwave oven works. It’s also important to remember that you shouldn’t boil liquids in a countertop convection oven.

So, the fryer is a good option if you don’t mind heating up liquids or giving yourself more time to cook your food.

Which is better: an air fryer or a microwave?

Before we come to a conclusion, let’s look at how they work.

What does a microwave do?

Microwaves work by heating up the water molecules in the thing you’re heating. They move the particles around and give them enough energy to heat the food when they touch.

Most of the time, people use microwaves to heat up food. When making a dish from scratch, you can cook some of the ingredients in a microwave.

Any way you look at it, a microwave is a very useful appliance. It is mostly a useful tool.

How does a convection oven that fits on a countertop work?

On the other hand, the fryers are a whole different story. There is no need for a microwave for them to work. They use a heated circuit and a fan instead to get the results they want.

Depending on the type, the heating circuit is usually at the bottom of a countertop convection oven and a fan is on top.

The meat will be fried because the coil will get very hot. With this method, it will be able to make hot air.

The fan moves the hot air around in a small room. As some have said, the Maillard reaction happens when hot air is forced into food.

Because you’re cutting back on the sugars and proteins in the food, it will start to turn brown. As a result, a crust forms on the food.

Putting everything together

We now know what each piece of equipment is for. Microwaves are the easiest way to cook and reheat food on occasion.

On the other hand, these fryers are useful tools that are more likely to replace a regular or convection model. Because of this, the explanation is up to each person.

If you don’t need to heat things up quickly, you can skip the microwave and use a convection oven instead. If not, it would be better to have both of these useful devices.

This video will help you understand better.

Which One Is Better?

Air Fryer Microwave
Cooking Method Convection heating Vibrating water within the food
Design Different chambers and compartments One chamber or compartment
Power Consumption 1200-1500 watt 1200 watt
Health Cooking Method Yes Yes
Food Taste Dry outside Tasteless

It might be hard to decide between the two kitchen tools. You might want to know if a countertop convection oven lives up to what it says it can do. Do you like it more than a microwave? No, that’s not true.

We’ve already said that these fryers are not like microwaves. They cook their food by blowing hot air on it.

Both appliances can also do things that the other may not be able to. When it comes to how long it takes to cook, a countertop convection oven beats a regular oven.

When it comes to using a microwave, if you are in a hurry, a microwave will help you a lot. Still, they both do different things. So neither one is better than the other.

Can I use an air fryer to re-heat food?

Of course, you can heat up food in a convection oven that sits on your counter. It’s easy to do and much better than using the microwave.

When you heat these foods in a countertop convection oven, they never get soggy. If you know how to use a fryer to reheat food, it will be perfectly cooked and full of flavor.

Your family may think you were working hard to make a new dinner for them.

Can paper go into an air fryer?

There are times when it’s fine to use paper towels, and times when it’s not.

So, even though it’s not recommended, you should think about your options and decide if you really want to use paper in a countertop convection oven or not.

Also, it’s not a great idea to put a stack of paper towels under your meal to keep the marinade from touching the countertop convection oven’s surface.

We don’t recommend putting a paper towel in it because it can block the flow of air inside the countertop convection oven, which can mess up the cooking process. The paper towel can also catch fire, which is even worse.

Can aluminum foil be used in an air fryer?

Yes, you can do so. Any fryer might be able to handle aluminum foil. But it depends on what kind and model you are making.

Before using aluminum foil in a countertop convection oven, make sure to check the owner’s manual for the model for specific instructions.


You may see why the answer to the question “Can an air fryer replace a microwave?” is no. Each device can be used in a different way to meet different needs.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this. We appreciate you reading!

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