Decorating Your Bathroom – Small Bathroom Designs and Decorating Tips


Bathrooms are not always very spacious, especially if you happen to be living in the urban areas. If you have a small bathroom, it can cause quite a hassle of feeling claustrophobic, even if it is fitted with the latest bathroom fixtures and what not. But don’t fret just yet, there are numerous ways to decorate your bathroom even if you happen to have the smallest room in the house.

Bathroom Design Idea #1: Maximize Light

The first thing you can do to make the most out of any bathroom, especially the small ones, is to maximize the light available. Paint your bathroom light to make it look bigger and better.

To do this, you can use light colors or pastels, whichever is most suitable to your taste.

Positioning the bathroom mirror can also do wonders for the appearance of the room, especially if it features a unique design. Remove the reflector if it features a small sparkling light, or replace it with a new super-shower light.

And as for the sink, you can purchase a smaller sink to save up some precious space in the bathroom. You can use a pedestal style sink if you want to save up some space, or you can get the under-mounted sink with a cabinet underneath it, or you could even get rid of a big vanity which may not be very adaptable when it comes to storage space.

Bathroom Design Idea #2: Choose Smaller Bath linens and Accessories

When it comes to making use of very limited bathroom spaces, some things should be avoided or properly planned. As rule of thumb, below items should be avoided and properly 1959Australter:

  • Smaller bathroom lighting fixtures (use the appropriate type of lights or add some lower lights for the floors).
  • Small object and furniture (if you truly think that a small mirror or bathroom scale can be a good idea but you really don’t have that much space, it would be great if you could economize with smaller bath scale).
  • Smaller bathroom decorating materials (use a better type of flooring, wall color or even the cabinets).
  • Smaller shower curtains and paints (use smaller and lighter colors), towels and rugs.
  • Shower curtains are better off being customized.
  • Make use of a more modern basin – i.e., a combination of Functional and Riding style.

While decorating your kitchen, you have to plan the layout of the kitchen area well. You can have various working areas, if you have more than one room. Two of the most important rooms in the whole house are the kitchen and the bathroom.

You could also incorporate living into the bathroom (as long as it doesn’t become crowded and messy. It should also be well thought-out because the bathroom is a definite must-have in the house, especially in areas where everything is done by individuals).

Working tips for small bathrooms

If you are working with a small bathroom, the typical custom baths are occupying less and less space which means that you can work on those designs. The right accessories will also make your bathroom look bigger.

The benefit of having a small bathroom is that it doesn’t really incur too much effort in terms of decorating. You just have to aim for certain things like brighter colors, bigger mirrors or brighter lighting in order to have a bigger looking bathroom.