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The American Vacation Rental Owners Association (AVROA)
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Whether you are a guest looking for a vacation rental or an owner wanting to advertise your property, The American Vacation Rental Owners’ Association (AVROA) is the place you want to be. AVROA is an organization dedicated to supporting both owners and guests through education, advocacy and setting quality standards to insure that every guest receives the experience they expect.

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If you are an owner, manager or listing service continue reading to learn more about how AVROA will support your business.

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AVROA is Here to Help You Grow Your Business

When you join AVROA you can list your properties with complete unit descriptions, display 20 photos each and then link to whatever site you currently use to take reservations. 

AVROA supports self-regulation. More stories are being seen in the news about vacations being ruined by unscrupulous people. You pay your taxes and work hard to give your guest the best vacation experience possible. AVROA is working hard to establish a certification program that proves that a listed vacation property is a registered business operating legally. If you go to the effort of maintaining your business license we feel your guests should be able to see that you have one.

AVROA is also developing a unique strategy of marketing your rental through local area AVROA chapter websites. These websites will be managed and owned by vacation rental property owners who understand their local rental market and can offer the top quality information that can raise the quality of each guest's vacation experience.

When guests discover that you choose to be part of a listing service that certifies it properties and has better information about the area they are interested in they will prefer to rent from you. Being a member of AVROA offers your guests the security of knowing you are doing everything you can to ensure they have the best vacation experience.

Get Answers

When you join AVROA you can become a part of the AVROA’s National and Local Area communities where you can ask questions of other owners, get answers and share ideas instead of re-inventing the wheel every time. You can also form your own groups for your own purposes, upload photos, videos and share links.

Find Qualified Help

AVROA’s vendor lists is where members recommend and rate all the vendors they have used in the past and then share that information. From attorneys to housekeeping now when you need help you can choose from services that others have tried and rated.

AVROA Can Get You Started:

If you are new to the vacation rental business or just want to take more control to increase your profits, AVROA will guide you through the process and then give you ongoing support.

AVROA Supports Local Property Management Companies, Realtors, Vendors and Listings Services:

If you are a local property management company, realtor, vendor serving the vacation rental market or a listing services we recognize the important role you play. Contact us about the special programs we are building for you. We at AVROA believe that more can be accomplished if we all work together.

The AVROA Foundation:

A part of every dollar AVROA  earns for goods and services will be used to establish a not-for-profit agency called the AVROA Foundation. This organization will be dedicated to raising the standards of business practice in the vacation rental by owner industry through research, education and advocacy.

So, join today and thank you for becoming a member of the Vacation Rental Owners' Association.